My story began with my three passions; Illustration, Traveling, and Fitness. The very elements that fuel my mind, body and soul.

As a result, the creativity generated from exploring my interests not only inspired the creation of many things; It also inspired the creation of several tools to help me in making those things happen.

Rather than keeping them all to myself, I wanted to share them with all of YOU - The creatives and enthusiasts, that can benefit from these tools in the form of high-quality digital products. Thus, my brand was born.


Here you’ll find tools that were crafted overtime with knowledge gained from extensive hours of research and development. Now available at an affordable price, to aid The Artists, The Travelers, and The Fitness Enthusiasts in their pursuit of creating art, capturing moments of our world, and living a healthy lifestyle.

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The Art of John Cliff Alvarez // Illustration

Website: johncliffalvarez.com

Facebook: @ArtOfJohnCliffAlvarez

Instagram: @johncliffalvarez

John Cliff Abroad // Travel

Facebook: @johncliffabroad

Instagram: @johncliffabroad

John Cliff Anatomy // Fitness

Facebook: @johncliffanatomy

Instagram: @johncliffanatomy